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Welcome to the Identity Match, Inc. IDentity Match is California's number one source for fast, secure, reliable DNA test results, with mobile service available throughout Southern California. For over 15 years IDentity Match has been trusted by hospitals, doctors, court systems and individuals seeking accurate results. With one phone call, we can help you find the DNA test that best fits your needs.We offer:
  • Free consultation, discussing testing options & benefits
  • Fast results—in as little as ONE DAY after we receive your DNA Services available throughout the US, and we coordinate everything
  • Mobile services available throughout Southern California (we can meet you at your home, workplace or office)
  • Fast, affordable, reliable results

Identity Match is here for all of your DNA testing needs.

Our goal is to always deliver safe, secure, confidential service.

DNA Paternity Test

A DNA paternity test determines whether a tested man is the biological father of a tested child. If you are in need of a paternity test for legal reasons or just peace of mind, IDentity Match can help.

Prenatal Paternity Test

IDentity Match offers a unique paternity test before the child is born - which can be performed as early as the 9th week of pregnancy. This test is non-invasive, with results in as little as 5 days, and is the now the preferred option vs. traditional Amniocentesis or Chorionic villus sampling.

Immigration DNA Testing

IDentity Match offers DNA testing services for people involved in adoption, including services for clients who are going through domestic or international adoptions, are hoping for reunification with biological family members, or are facilitating parental relinquishment and peace of mind.

Adoption DNA Testing

Our forensic DNA services include STR, Y-STR, mtDNA and mini-STR casework, and forensic paternity testing. Legal verifications also available.

Forensic Services

Our forensic DNA services include STR, Y-STR, mtDNA and mini-STR casework, and forensic paternity testing. Legal verifications also available.

DNA Maternity Test

Maternity DNA testing determines whether a woman could be the biological mother of a child. Like a DNA paternity test, it compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged mother to determine how likely it is that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother.

DNA Grandparentage Test

Grandparents seek DNA testing on their grandchildren for either of two common reasons: they have doubts about the paternity of their son's or daughter's child, or they would like to prove that they are related to a grandchild whose family denies the relationship and bars them from developing a relationship with the child.

Genetic Reconstruction

A genetic reconstruction is performed to determine the biological relationship of a child to the alleged father’s close relatives.

DNA Siblingship Test

A siblingship test determines whether two children share one or both parents.

Twin Zygosity Test

A twin zygosity test determines whether twins are fraternal or identical.

Y-STR Paternal Lineage

A Y-STR paternal lineage test determines whether two or more males are related through a paternal line.

mtDNA Maternal Lineage

A mitochondrial DNA maternal linage test determines whether two or more individuals are related through a maternal line.

DNA Profiling

A DNA profile is an individual’s genetic fingerprint, used for personal security such as in the case of identifying a missing child or future inheritance claims.

DNA Banking

An individual’s DNA can be stored in a secure environment so that it is available for a future DNA test if needed.

Cell Line Authentication

IDentity Match offers the most comprehensive STR DNA testing available by examining of a panel of 17 highly polymorphic genetic markers plus amelogenin to determine gender, to generate an STR DNA profilethat uniquely identifies a human cell.

Native American Testing Services

DNA testing can be used to support tribal enrollment or disenrollment cases, as well as protect the tribe's genetic legacy and identity.

Firearm Permit Requirements

Firearms Requirements for Security Guards, Alarm Agents, Private Investigators and Private Patrol Operators

Even if you are licensed or registered in the security, alarm, or private investigation fields, you may not carry a gun on duty - whether loaded or unloaded - unless you have been issued an exposed firearm permit by the Department of Consumer Affairs. You must keep the permit with you at all times while on duty.
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Drug Testing Programs

Identity Match, Inc. We provide expert consultation, equipment, training, and supplies for all your alcohol and drug testing needs. Whether you are just starting out or already conducting pre-employment, post-accident, random, return-to-duty or stand-down testing we are here to help.
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CPR Certification

Anyone can learn CPR – and everyone should! Sadly, 70 percent of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed.
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